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CCS Entitlements

As a recognised childcare provider, we are registered for the Government Childcare Subsidy (CCS). Mighty Brains Academy is here to support you as you begin to discover your family’s CCS entitlements and help you get started and get the maximum benefit you are entitled to.

First day at Mighty Brains Academy

We know the first day is stressful and emotional both for the child and the parent. That is why upon enrolment we have an “all about me” form that parents are encouraged to fill out which will give us a better understanding on the child, also spend time with the parents to talk about and important information to their child’s educator before commencent. This includes expectations, talk about our flexible routine, medical conditions and food preference.

Also encourage the parents to bring in their child to the centre before starting so that allows the child to become familiar with their new environment and get to meet their educators and peers. At Mighty brains Academy we have an open door policy which allows parents to come into the centre at any time and see what their little ones are getting up to.

We also have a Story Park app that parents can access anywhere at any time. Provides instant access to their child’s daily information including what they have done during their day, photos and video of activities and reports based on their child’s journal.
Each parent’s app portal is private and can be accessed only by them.

Parent involvement

At Mighty Brains Academy, we are committed to build strong relationships with our families. We make family input and participation a top priority in our centre and strive to create bonds between our parents and educators. We highly encourage our families to come by to volunteer or to take an active role in sharing their experiences with the children. To make this possible, we have many special occasions where we invite our parents and families to the centre, to join in and celebrate with us. We believe a parent is a Child’s first teacher!

Our Menu

It is our mission to foster a love of learning about food, its origins and healthy eating. With dedicated team of educators, qualified food safety Supervisors and our Munch and Move officer.

We are committed to ensuring a holistic approach to your child’s nutrition. We have a 4 week rotating menu, our Menu is consistent with the NSW Dietary Guidelines, providing 70% of a child’s daily nutritional intake as advised by the Australian Dietary Guidelines and the National Quality Framework (NQF).

Mighty Brains Academy provides 4 meals throughout the course of a regular day from
7:00am – 6:00pm. These are:
–  Breakfast
–  Morning Tea
–  Lunch
–  Afternoon Tea
–  Late Snack
–  Water is available for children at all times throughout the course of the day, which children are encouraged to drink.

Special requirements

We understand that each child is different, therefore we cater to individual needs, including special dietary requirements, allergies, food intolerances, vegetarian preferences and cultural options. We are a Nut Free & Egg Free Centre we ask that families not to bring in food from home. 

We need to protect all children with dietary or allergy requirements, and many people are unaware that of some ingredients which may endanger the health of other children. We are proud to provide wholesome, HALAL and pork free options. Your child’s individual needs are met by our skilled chefs, guaranteeing a nourishing and inclusive experience. 

We are here to support you’re your child’s health.

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